I am honored to serve you!

My job is to assist your business or organization to:



Increase Profits and Productivity


Solving the People Dynamics


Your Business


I am very motivated to work with you and your business/organization for your increased success, profits and productivity.  I deeply invest my professionalism, expertise and energy for your success.  My services include Consulting, Training and Coaching.   I offer very personalized services, customized to your business needs.  I design the specifics based on what you need.


Most services, unless otherwise requested, will be offered on-site, at the location of your business, because that is “where your action is”. I will offer to tour your sites, see and experience how your business lives and produces.  We will have in-person meetings to privately/confidentially consult.  I offer group and individual coaching. You and I will be in effective communication in-between the in-person meetings, as often as is appropriate, receiving/sending phone calls, emails and documents.  I will research for problem-solving resources for your business and assist in the implementation.   I will design and present success-oriented, solution-focused workshops and group meetings.  My goal is “…solving the People Dynamics of your business…” 


Here is what BusinessLifeConsulting “looks like”:





  • This usually is about an hour or so, using a face-to-face, telephone, or video conference, and is an opportunity for you to get to know me, what I offer and for me to listen to you, to know and understand “what in the world your world of business is like”.

  • Next, I customize and design a unique consultation service and program for your business.  I will listen to you, deeply.  I am a specialist in human and organizational systems.  I will not “sell” you a package of “stuff” that is an “assembly-line, one-size-fits-all” program.  You have built and/or participated in this business and you know the unique challenges and successes the business has had and is experiencing right now.  You want to succeed, excel and SOLVE the People Dynamics of your business life.



 Owners, Executives, CEOs, Managers, Front-Line Employees

  • You will learn Leadership Skills. You will learn how to “lead yourself first”, then leadership of others will naturally follow. You will learn new skills to manage and regulate your own energy, the “anxiety” that is the “friend or enemy” of all of us.


  • I offer you individual, face-to-face, confidential consultation and coaching.  You will have privacy to describe the details of the dynamics of the business.  I will listen, offer perspectives, feed-back, recommendations to assist you in solving these problems that are getting in the way of profits and productivity.


  • I offer group training and coaching to assist the employees to understand and excel in the skills of communications with each other, and with customers and clients.


  • I will “study” your business in a manner that will make clear the choices and strategies you need to make to keep your business profitable and productive.


  • I will help you identify and follow your personal and business values, so that, on a daily basis you use these as guides, anchors and road maps to assist you in the chaos, tension, excitement, problems and crisis that is a natural part of business life.




These services, and more, are offered with respect to your business goals and plans. This time around, you are the customer…and your needs must be met!