You have a business!

Your business depends on people!

People Dynamics:

the way you work with people and

the way people work with you,


the profit-maker



I specialize in People Dynamics.

My passion is to assist you to truly express the heart and soul of your business in the most profitable, productive, cost-effective manner possible, honoring your deepest personal and business values.

   I am a specialist in human and organizational systems and have over 35 years experience in working with People Dynamics.

My education, training and experience grew from working with people from all walks of life.  A powerful and insightful period of training occurred in my doctoral program in the late 1980s and early 1990’s. I became curious and fascinated with an area of people dynamics called “Systems Thinking” or “Family Systems”. Many amazing pioneers of this approach to human relationships have contributed positively to making our lives more effective, meaningful and productive.

One of these pioneers was Murray Bowen, MD ( who studied how humans seemed to connect or disconnect with each other based on an ancient and necessary-for-survival instinct called “anxiety”. This instinct is a powerful influence on how all of us interact, as family members, as friends and in the larger arenas of life, like businesses, organizations, governments and nations. It governs how effective or ineffective we are in every area of our life, including the health and profitability of businesses and organizations.

 I am honored to assist your business or organization in solving one of your most complex, difficult and profit-destroying problems. You will see, whether you are the Owner, CEO, Manager or a Front-Line Employee, that. . .



Leaders are the Keys to Solving People Dynamics!


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