…solving the People Dynamics in your business…

  Are Your Profits and Productivity
Suffering Because of the
People Dynamics in your Business?




“Every dollar invested in

Dr Fitts’ services is returned 10 – 20 fold

by increased profits and productivity.” 






Are You Awake Nights Worrying
About Employee, Co-worker, or
Customer Relations Problems?



I am a senior partner in one of the largest accounting firms in WY. Our firm serves businesses and clients in WY, CO, and NE. The smooth running of the “people dynamics” of businesses, clients and organizations is an absolute must for a company to thrive financially.


Dr. Royce Fitts of www.BusinessLifeConsulting.com, is a specialist in the people dynamics of businesses and organizations. I have seen first hand the excellent consulting and coaching he offers to some of my clients and customers. Every dollar invested in these services is returned 10-20 fold by increased profits and productivity. This may mean the difference between OK employees and great employees. I enthusiastically recommend his services for your consideration.


Mark Mader

As the co-owner of a large, successful, high-pressure agri-business in the western states, we have used Royce (Dr. Fitts) for coaching and consulting in increasing the effectiveness of our office team. Royce has helped us greatly improve our teams’ communication and flow of crucial information.


He has been particularly helpful in introducing us to “Systems Thinking” and implementing organizational skills. Royce has introduced and reinforced new ideas, helped us function more as as a team and achieve our goals in moving toward the efficient system we desire.”


I am the owner of a broad-based consumer-oriented retail and services company. Royce (Dr. Fitts) has been an integral part of assisting our business to use Systems Thinking, especially as it applies to improving the communication and dynamics of our leadership team. Royce’s coaching has enabled our team to reduce our re-activity to people problems and increased our ability to thoughtfully respond to these issues in constructive ways that have helped us retain quality leaders.”

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Increase Profits and Productivity


Using Systems Thinking to

Solve the People Dynamics

 I own and operate a small business in Laramie, Wyoming that is currently researching and developing consumer-scale renewable energy products…

We struggle to keep our projects within budget and on time, and I attended Dr. Fitts’ lecture to try to understand the reasons why and come up with a solution. His discussion on how the brain functions and example scenarios was logical and unambiguous, and helped to make our specific situation clear to me. –G.G. “read more…

Systems Thinking is a powerful training program
designed to teach every employee at every level to
“Lead Yourself First!”
This program will teach every employee how to
lead and manage himself or herself most effectively.

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Dr. Royce Fitts 
is a specialist in
Systems Thinking and People Dynamics.

His education and training includes over 35 years experience in the crucial areas of human and organizational systems

Royce has a passion for assisting people, businesses and organizations to truly express their heart and soul, for the sake of all:
leaders, employees, clients, customers.


“Serving the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.” 

Dr. Royce Fitts

Business Life Consultant and Coach

Email: drfitts@businesslifeconsultant.com

Mobile: 308.631.2398

P.O. Box 363

Gering, NE 69341 USA

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